Monday, March 21, 2016

The Criminal 10th Anniversary Special -- Final Cut-Off TODAY!

We're still(!) wrapping up our extended look at The Fade Out -- and we're looking forward to the Image Expo on April 6th; Ed Brubaker has "never been" so excited about the announcement he's making there -- but we would be remiss not to remind our readers of the upcoming Criminal Tenth Anniversary Special, due in just over three weeks.

On Twitter, Ed Brubaker reminds fans that they should take pains to order the magazine variant from their local retailers:  some do not generally stock magazine-size variants unless the customers request it, so the variant will probably become hard to find after the first week.  When the issue was first announced, we linked to the original press release, and it lists the retailers' final order cutoff deadline as TODAY, Monday, March 21st.

For those who missed the "Savage Sword" magazine variant from last year, Brubaker reports that limited stock is available through Diamond, and you should ask your retailer to reorder it.  As with the "Savage Sword" variant, the 64-page "Deadly Hands" magazine variant will feature exclusive content in the back pages and in the design elements. 

More than that, Brubaker relays that the issue contains the longest single story that the team has done under one cover -- and late last week, Sean Phillips treated fans to a first look at a page inside the issue.

If this is anything like the last one-shot, it will be the single most enjoyable comic book of the year.

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