Sunday, February 21, 2016

Brubaker's Digital Sale, Ending Monday!

As we are much more focused on traditional print than on digital distribution, we almost missed this, but Ed Brubaker has reminded fans of an extensive sale of his work at Comixology.

The sale is on trade collections and on individual issues for all of Ed Brubaker's creator-owned work that has been published (or reprinted) through Image Comics -- and it appears that the collections are at least as deeply discounted as the issues:

  • Each of the six Criminal collections are $5.99, 50% off the list price.
  • Each of the five Fatale colections are $4.99, 58% off.
  • Each of the first two collections of The Fade Out are $3.99, 50-60% off.
  • Scene of the Crime, with Michael Lark and Sean Phillips, is $6.99, 56% off.
  • And each of the first two collections of Velvet, with Steve Epting, is $4.99, 50-58% off.

The sale can be found here, but fans should hurry:  the sale ends at 11:00 pm ET, on Monday, February 22.

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