Tuesday, January 05, 2016

THE FADE OUT Conclusion Out Tomorrow!

Ed Brubaker and Sean Phillips' noir period piece set in Hollywood's Golden Age, The Fade Out concludes with issue #12, which reaches stores tomorrow.  We see that Image Comics (and Comic Book Resources) has just published a three-page preview of the grand finale.

Our schedule being more hectic and less predictable than we had hoped, we're still working through an issue-by-issue look at the series, with three more posts up today -- on Charlie and Gil's silent rift in issue #6, the ambivalence about a truly transparent relationship in issue #7, and the secondary vignette appearing in issue #8.

Our "thirty days" of The Fade Out will end up being closer to forty, as we'll continue to look at the series through this week.  In the meantime, it sounds like we can begin looking ahead to the pair's next project.  On Twitter, Ed Brubaker relays that the project will be announced in the pages of The Fade Out #12, as a treat to their fans.
Brubaker mentions that it always seems that small group of newer fans doesn't realize that his work with Phillips is an ongoing collaboration that transcends any one project, and he reminds us of the special deal with Image Comics that allows the pair to move seamlessly from one work to the next.

What's next on the horizon?  We can't wait to find out and document the announcement here.

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