Thursday, April 16, 2009

Notes on Other Crime Comics.

As I just wrote yesterday, I plan to continue focusing on Brubaker and Phillips' collaborative work: their Wildstorm comic Sleeper, and especially their recent work under Marvel's Icon imprint. I'll briefly note their other projects as time permits and as events warrant it, and -- as I did in February -- I'll occasionally make note of other crime comics, which are the subject of this brief blog entry.

First, alongside issue #3 of Incognito, the final issue of 100 Bullets was released Wednesday. The award-winning Vertigo series by Brian Azzarello and Eduardo Risso concludes with issue #100. I couldn't find any online previews, but CBR and IGN have already posted very positive, spoiler-filled reviews.

There have been some developments for the upcoming projects I mentioned earlier. First, a website devoted to the criminal character Parker, created by Donald Westlake (as Richard Stark), has pointed out some new images of Darwyn Cooke's first Parker adaptation, and the site also highlighted a brief introduction to Parker and Cooke. The first graphic-novel adaptation, Parker: The Hunter, appears to be scheduled for a July 14th release.

And, Dark Horse's Noir trade paperback is now listed at the official website. The listing features apparent cover art and a link to pre-order the book, which is scheduled to be released on September 30th. The anthology will include work from both Ed Brubaker and Sean Phillips, but it's still not yet clear whether they will be working together, much less whether we'll have another "Criminal emission" as we did with Liberty Comics.

[UPDATE, Apr 20: Sean Phillips added a comment to this blog entry, confirming that Dark Horse Noir WILL include a "Criminal emission," a black-and-white short story, without colors from Val Staples. (Thanks, Sean!)]

(As a brief aside, issue #1 of Liberty Comics, featuring a short Criminal story starring Tracy Lawless, went to a second printing with new cover art, and it's available for sale here, to benefit the Comic Book Legal Defense Fund. Though they mistakenly include this second printing's cover art, Newsarama recently reported that a second issue is scheduled to be released in October. This new anthology comic will accompany The CBLDF Liberty Series, "a series of high-end variant covers featuring Image's strongest titles with exclusive artwork not available anywhere else.")

It's a good time to read crime comics, and if I come across any other projects that might interest Criminal readers, I'll point them out.



Blogger Sean Phillips said...

It will indeed be another Criminal emisssion for Dark Horse's Noir book from Ed and myself. No Val this time though, as it's a black and white story...

4:57 AM  
Blogger Bubba said...

That's very cool news! I really like the extra "oomph" Val adds to Criminal, but since the preview art you highlight on your blog is already pretty damn effective before his color work has been added, I don't think I'd mind a black-and-white short story at all.

Thanks for the info, and (of course) for keeping an eye out on our blog.

If there's anything y'all need us bloggers to do for ya, you know where to find us.

10:18 PM  

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