Tuesday, December 02, 2008

Everything You Know Is Wrong: Preview of Criminal #7.

Before we go much further discussing Incognito, we have the final chapter of "Bad Night" to be released, and Comic Book Resources has a preview of what looks like the first four pages of Criminal #7.

It seems that -- not for the first time in this arc -- things aren't remotely what they appear to be. I'm guessing that the story's end will be a messy, violent punch to the reader's stomach, and I'm guessing that we die-hard fans of this beautiful, tragic world that Ed and Sean are creating will be quite pleased with the results.

The issue is officially scheduled to be released this Thursday, December 4th, along with the rest of the week's comics, delayed because of last week's Thanksgiving holiday. I called my own local comic shop today, and they'll have their titles in and sorted by tomorrow evening: your store might be in the same boat, but you should call ahead if you plan on your usual Wednesday shopping trip.

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