Friday, September 19, 2008

Bullets: Wired, Sleeper Extras, Incognito Merchandise.

A couple quick points as the weekend begins...
  • Wired Interview with Brubaker. Wired's "Underwire" blog just posted a brief interview with Ed Brubaker, covering things from his favorite noir, to his work on Captain America, to the upcoming mini-series Incognito. About the latter, Ed explains that the comic is "about identity and morality on a few levels, as well as this twisted noir supervillain explodo fantasy."

  • Upcoming Sleeper Extras. In one particular thread at the Jinxworld forum, Ed has been discussing Incognito quite a bit. The entire thread's worth browsing, but the most interesting news that hasn't already been covered here, concerns the new editions of Sleeper that we mentioned earlier. Ed relayed that he doesn't yet know the release date(s) and that the books might not be hardcovers, but he also wrote that the books would be longer, including a reprinting of a prequel story for the book's second "season." Ed elaborated that this prologue isn't the Coup D'etat story but is, instead, from a WildStorm sampler. So far as I can tell, this story hasn't been republished before.

  • Incognito Merchandise. Finally, over at his blog, which fans should frequent anyway, Sean Phillips announced that he is already offering Incognito merchandise through CafePress: two tee-shirts featuring the logo and a poster of the artwork for what is presumably the cover to issue #1.
We'll keep rolling along here with news and notes about all of Ed and Sean's projects, but if anyone has a scoop, please do leave a comment or shoot us an email.

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Blogger ADD said...

I really want Sleeper in hardcover and so does Jesus. Just sayin'.

Glad to hear that they're including the sampler short story. I hope the Coup d'Etat story is in there too otherwise it will still be incomplete...of course, this IS DC we're talking about...

1:14 AM  

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