Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Bullets: Bad Night Trade Cover, Incognito Interview, and more.

When it rains, it pours, and we have a lot of news this week regarding Ed Brubaker and Sean Phillips' work at Icon.
  • "Bad Night" Trade Cover. Over at his blog, Sean revealed the cover art for the trade paperback for "Bad Night", the latest Criminal arc that was just finished two weeks ago. It's a very interesting choice: where I would have expected Jacob on the cover, possibly with his comic creation Frank Kafka, we have a very sultry portrait of Iris, with nothing but a towel... and a gun. It's the sort of cover you'd expect for a Hard Case Crime book, and if the cover art for the first two trades focused on the protagonists, the art for the two most recent focus on the femme fatale. Earlier entries at Sean's blog show the work in-progress, and he has also announced that posters of the artwork is now available for sale.

  • Incognito: More Info on Future Issues. Marvel's March solicitations, available at Comic Book Resources, include information for the third issue of Incognito. We learn more about the bad girl on the cover, which we showed earlier this month. Her name is just about perfect: Ava Destruction. And, we return to Sean's blog to note that he's revealed the preliminary draft for the fourth issue's cover art. If history is any indication, Sean will probably show the finished work in the next few days.

  • Brubaker Interview on Incognito. Finally, on Monday Comic Book Resources published an interview with Ed Brubaker about the new mini-series, Incognito, where he confirms that this might be the first of several stories to be told with these characters. In addition to explaining how the series draws from the sensibilities of classic pulp stories, he reveals that the extra content will include a series of essays by Jess Nevins, on the most influential pulp characters like the Shadow and Doc Savage.
It looks like we will see both the "Bad Night" collection and the first issue of Incognito this January.

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