Wednesday, March 21, 2018

KILL OR BE KILLED: New Issue Out Today, Final Issue Out in June.

Image Comics' June solicitations evidently came out over the weekend, and -- as Kevin Sels points out on Twitter -- Sean Phillips reposted the relevant info for Kill Or Be Killed, his latest collaboration with Ed Brubaker.

(I thought I had searched for the solicits earlier this week and came up empty-handed, but evidently not.)

The big news is that issue #20, due June 27, is described as the "grand finale" to the entire, ongoing series, and it promises to contain "all the answers" to the book's most pressing questions:
Will Dylan find a way to live his secret life as a vigilante, or will he throw away the mask? And was there ever really a demon, or is he just crazy? And will he (or any of us) get out alive?

On the official Twitter feed for The Undertow Podcast, Robert points out that the series' final cover is an impressive homage or allusion to John Romita Sr.'s famous cover for The Amazing Spider-Man #50, the fifty(-one)-year-old story, "Spider-Man No More!"

The series' impending end was recently announced in a January interview with Phillips and then confirmed by Brubaker in the back pages of February's issue #16, and this still seems sudden.   I was expecting a "final arc" leading up to this concluding issue, and it may be worthwhile to look back at how the end to other recent books were announced, specifically Fatale and The Fade Out.

We're curious how the story ends, and we may not be the only ones.  Despite joking, "They all live happily ever after!" Phillips consoles fan Fee McBee, whose Twitter feed is worth a follow.
"It’ll be fine. Probably. I’ve no idea how it ends."
Replying to one of many laments for the series' end, Phillips hints at the upcoming schedule, writing, "We’ll be back with something new in October."

In the meantime, we have a new issue of KOBK reaching stores today, following a the release of a three-page preview online.   It's available in a standard cover, shown above, AND in the striking virgin wraparound cover announced in February.

Oblivious to the trouble that's heading his way, seen in last month's cliffhanger ending(s), Dylan's getting ready to mete out justice to "Perry the orderly," this time trading his menacing ski mask for a warm cardigan.

Kill Or Be Killed #17 is out today, with the concluding issue #20 just three months out.

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