Friday, January 26, 2018

Saturday: Sean Phillips' Birthday Sales, at Big Cartel and Splash Page Comic Art.

Sean Phillips' birthday is Saturday, and, at the two online shops where one can find the rarest of items related to the artist, there are big sales to mark the occasion.

On Twitter, Phillips just announced a one-day sale at his Big Cartel store, on his birthday:  20% off everything when using the promo code B2018.

Similarly, in a recent news item and through their mailing list, Splash Page Comic Art has announced its own one-day sale for the birthday:  buy one piece of Phillips' original artwork, get a second piece of equal or lesser value at 50% off.

The Splash Page sale is for Saturday, January 27th, and the actual 24-hour span is for Sean Phillips' time zone:  since Sean resides in the United Kingdom, that means Greenwich Mean Time. 

So, that sale runs from 12:01 AM GMT, Saturday, to 12:00 AM GMT, Sunday -- or, from 7:01 PM EST Friday (today, here on the East Coast) to 7:00 PM EST Saturday.

It sounds like the Big Cartel sale runs for similar hours.

At Big Cartel, one can buy books, prints, and even the occasional single issue, such as the "Savage Sword" and "Deadly Hands" Criminal one-shots.  It's worth noting that Phillips often includes a hand-drawn sketch on a cover page inside books ordered directly from his store.

At Splash Page, the sale includes the original artwork for covers, double-page spreads, and interiors.  While Phillips has now made the transition to digital artwork for most interiors, he still creates physical artwork for his covers, including the painting in acrylics shown above, for the cover to Kill Or Be Killed #5.

We might just take advantage of the sale ourselves, and we wish Sean the happiest of birthdays.

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