Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Bullets: New Colorist, New Art from Sean, Etc.

The next issue of Fatale is currently listed with a February 13th release date -- just in time for Valentine's! -- so here are a few brief news items in the meantime.

  • AV Club looks at Fatale #11.  The Onion's AV Club takes a closer look at the latest issue, praising the single-issue story for capturing the dread of Lovecraftian horror.  The article ends by highlighting a detail in the art that I missed the first time through:  we could use more thoughtful essays like this one.
  • New Colorist for Fatale.  In his Twitter feed, Ed Brubaker relays that Elizabeth Breitweiser will be the new colorist, beginning with Fatale #12.  Replacing Dave Stewart, Breitweiser has already worked with Brubaker on Captain America and Winter Soldier, and he has praised her as a "genius."
  • New Artwork from Sean Phillips.  Finally, Sean Phillips' blog was quiet in December, but the artist has been featuring quite a lot of new work lately, including thumbnails, art for an upcoming essay, and  cover art for Fatale #15 and the third trade paperback, "West of Hell." (In contrast with East of Eden?)
Going by that cover, issue #15 returns us to the main narrative.  On Twitter, Ed Brubaker is somewhat ambivalent about the series' status as an ongoing title:  "There's still an end in mind, but I decided to let the story have more space and not specify its length."

We're hopeful that the return of Criminal won't be indefinitely postponed, but we're looking forward to this horror story unfolding at its own pace.

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