Sunday, August 26, 2012

Deluxe Hardcover for Scene of the Crime in November.

Expect another blog entry soon discussing Brubaker's two-part interview with Comic Book Resources -- here's part one and here's part two -- but, first, Sean Phillips has announced the upcoming release of a deluxe, oversized hardcover for Scene of the Crime.

Originally published in 1999, Scene of the Crime was Ed Brubaker's first work for DC and his first collaboration both with Michael Lark and with Sean Phillips.  The creator-owned series for Brubaker and Lark was released under the Vertigo imprint; focusing on a P.I. in San Francisco, the series began with a short story for the Winter's Edge anthology and only lasted four full-length issues.

The short story and the single arc, titled "A Little Piece of Goodnight," was collected in a bare-bones trade paperback in 2000, and the collection is now long out of print.  The oversized hardcover collection was designed by Phillips, and it appears to have about 20 pages of extras.

In the original work, Sean Phillips inked Michael Lark's pencils for the last three issues, and for that reason I consider it to be a "minor collaboration" between Brubaker and Phillips, but it's still well worth getting.

Scene of the Crime is scheduled to be released on November 14th with an MSRP of $24.99.

This makes the third oversized hardcover officially announced for the next three months.  As we've already mentioned, the Incognito hardcover is scheduled for September, and the second Criminal hardcover is scheduled for October.  Together, the three books will retail for about $120.

That cost is one reason I'd actually like to see the rumored deluxe edition of Sleeper to come out no earlier next year -- it was just three years ago that the new trade paperbacks were released.  I haven't seen any official confirmation of Bleeding Cool's June report, and I think the time might be running out for this year's shopping season.

This year, we have a blast from the past with the deluxe Scene of the Crime, and we might be closing the book with Brubaker and Phillips' Icon work with the other two hardcovers, but that brings us back to the CBR interviews...

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