Tuesday, September 01, 2009

Incognito #6 In Stores Wednesday.

The fantastic fall begins, as the final, extra-length issue of Incognito hits stores this week.

I haven't seen much online about it -- either at the personal sites for Ed Brubaker and Sean Phillips [UPDATE: never mind], or in the major comics news sites -- but Marvel.com still lists tomorrow as the issue's on-sale date.

Over at Savage Critic, Brian Hibbs lists the issue among the products arriving tomorrow at his store, San Francisco's Comix Experience.

(Hibbs also lists the fourth issue of Chew, the breakout comic of the summer. Ed Brubaker has already praised the darkly comic police procedural, and I'm finding it to be the perfect, off-kilter complement to the Brubaker and Phillips' work. A preview of Chew #4 is available at CBR, and in an IGN interview with writer and creator John Layman, Dan Phillips brilliantly describes the book as "Chuck Palahniuk by way of Chuck Jones.")

Most importantly, this afternoon, I called the good folks at my local comic shop -- Great Escape Comics in Marietta, Georgia -- and confirmed that today's shipment for tomorrow's new books includes the latest issue of Incognito (and the latest issue of Chew).

It looks like Incognito #6 should be in stores nationwide this week. I know what I'll be reading tomorrow night.



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