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At both the BendisBoard forum at JinxWorld and at the blog Mah Two Cents, comic readers have recently noticed a "Criminal Omnibus" listed in this month's Previews, scheduled for a November release. The Discount Comic Book Service has a listing for the same product, with an "expected in-store date" of November 4th and apparent retail price of $49.99.

Lying in the Gutters, at its new home of Bleeding Cool, reported late yesterday that Ed Brubaker has confirmed the upcoming hardcover release.
Sneaking into Diamond Comics Distribution order sheets, but not the solicitations, themselves, the CRIMINAL OMNIBUS HC has been a strange anomaly for the last couple of weeks in certain Marvel Comics listings.

In response to enquiries my Little Bleeders, Brubaker confirmed that it was an early technical solicitation, and you can look forward to being able to order the title from the next Previews.

This will be the first creator owned Omnibus HC title from Marvel. And, of course, quite handy to defend yourself if an actual criminal breaks in. Just drop it on his head in self defence.
In the comment thread for this announcement, Ed Brubaker relays more information about the title, but declines to answer a question about how many issues the volume will contain.

"The book is actually going to be called the Criminal Deluxe edition, and it will come out in November. You'll see information in the September solicits because we're advance soliciting it."

"You'll have to wait for the official release to get the details, sorry. I'm sure you can wait a week or so for the online solicits."

A deluxe hardcover collection of Criminal is great news, and we'll relay more information as it becomes available.

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Blogger ADD said...

I don't know which is better news, that this edition is forthcoming, or that the title's sales apparently justify publishing it! Either way, man, count me in. Great news!

11:58 PM  

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