Wednesday, January 27, 2016

Batman by Brubaker -- and Free Books by Lawrence Block!

I didn't realize it until I saw a copy in my local shop, but today DC Comics has released Batman By Ed Brubaker Volume 1, presumably the first in an ongoing collection of Brubaker's work on the Batman comic, similar to his recently released Catwoman collections.

Ed Brubaker’s legendary run on Batman is collected, starting with stories from BATMAN #582-586, 591-594 and BATMAN: OUR WORLDS AT WAR #1, in which the Dark Knight faces The Penguin, Deadshot and more!
The trade paperback collects ten issues for $19.99, skipping the first chapter of the "Officer Down" crossover by Greg Rucka (#587) and the story "Close Before Striking" by Brian K. Vaughn (#588-#590).

I liked the stories collected here, but they don't stand out compared to his later DC work on Catwoman and Sleeper.  On Twitter, Brubaker jokes that you can see the collection as a lesson in writing:  "Watch me learn not to overwrite."


In other book news, other fans of Brubaker and Phillips' crime comics might also enjoy the crime fiction of Lawrence Block, one of the writers most frequently featured by the Hard Case Crime imprint, including the movie tie-in paperback for his classic novel, A Walk Among the Tombstones.

Yesterday on Twitter and in his email newsletter, Block announced that five of his books are being made available for free in Amazon Kindle format, one for each of the next five days.

The clock's running out on the first book, but we wanted to let our readers know:  on Twitter, Block is reminding his readers which book is for free today, and we haven't yet read a Block book that we haven't enjoyed thoroughly.


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