Wednesday, September 16, 2015

THE FADE OUT Issue #9 and Volume 2 In Stores Today!

Ed Brubaker confirms what Sean Phillips suspected when he got his comp copies last week, that the latest issue and trade paperback of The Fade Out are both in stores this week, beginning today.

The Fade Out Act 2 collects issues #5-8 and, like the first collection, it retails for a little less than the total price of the monthly issues, albeit without the excellent back matter.  Comicosity includes the book in this week's "Trade Waiting" feature, which highlights five new collections each week, and a tweet from Pulp Fiction Comics shows that the book has a striking blue spine that complements the red spine from Act 1.

The Fade Out #9 begins Act 3, and Comic Book Resources just posted a four-page preview.  The text description appears to be for Mark Kidwell's zombie comic '68, but the preview images are correct.

New readers can quickly catch up with the series, as the danger continues to heat up.

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