Wednesday, August 05, 2015

THE FADE OUT #8 in *SOME* Stores Today -- and More!

I'm in the process of writing a lengthy post, but we want to get the first item out there immediately.  I'll be updating this post, probably tonight, but until then...

• The Fade Out #8 in SOME stores today, in all markets next week.  The big news is that the latest issue of Ed Brubaker and Sean Phillips' The Fade Out is beginning to reach stores today:  issue #8 is the conclusion to "Act Two," and a three-page preview can be found at Comic Book Resources.

The issue was listed as "not verified by Diamond" in this week's new arrivals at, it wasn't listed in Brian Hibbs' list of arrivals for his shop in San Francisco, and my local shop in Georgia confirmed last night that they didn't get the issue either.

What gives?  Ed Brubaker tweeted that there were "shipping delays," and he relayed to us the details: a truck for Diamond Comic Distributors broke down, delaying the issue's arrival for one week, for both the South and the West Coast.

We appreciate the info from Ed, and we suppose we can make it one more week:  if our readers have any doubt about whether the issue is waiting at their local shops, we recommend calling ahead to confirm.

More "bullets" to come...


UPDATE, 8/12:  Well, that took longer than I expected.  This is the first and probably last time we'll deliberately split a post like this.

Director Leaked for Incognito Adaptation.  The big news last week was an exclusive report from The Tracking Board about the film adaptation for Brubaker and Phillips' pulp noir comic, Incognito.  According to the story, "sources confirm" that the film will be directed by Fede Alvarez, whose directorial debut was for the remake of Evil Dead, a job for which he was hand-picked by Sam Raimi.  He has since co-written a draft on the Incognito screenplay, and the insider website reports that an additional writer is being sought.

I believe the last time we reported on this adaptation was just over three years ago, and while it appears no further comic stories are currently planned in the Incognito universe, we reported in March that the two existing stories are scheduled to be reprinted later this year.

Fatale Deluxe on the NY Times Reading List, and Volume 2 Likely To Come Soon.  Toward the end of July, the New York Times posted a "kick-back summer reading list," and the feature concluded with the first deluxe collection for Brubaker and Phillips' popular horror-noir mashup.  Dana Jennings writes that the series should be the next graphic novel adapted on "quality cable."
"It’s a full-bodied blend of noir and Lovecraftian horror... Perfect reading at dusk, as the bats dip and dart in the eaves."

And what about the second and concluding deluxe edition?  Ed Brubaker has recently tweeted, "Keep watching the solicits."

We haven't seen anything yet, be we expect the November solicitations to be released in the next few days.

Nerdist Podcast Interview with Ed Brubaker.  Finally, on July 28th, Nerdist posted a Comics Panel podcast with Ed Brubaker, recorded at WonderCon on April 4th.  We're still going through the audio, and we'll post any highlights of info that would be new to regular readers of this blog.

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