Wednesday, January 08, 2014

Fatale #19 Out Today, Deluxe Volume 1 Out in March.

Though I don't believe an online preview has been made available, the latest issue of Brubaker and Phillips' Fatale is in stores today.  Fatale #19 continues concludes the twisted tale of rock music and murder in 1990's Seattle.

Now's a very good time to note that last month, Image Comics included the first deluxe collection of the horror-noir series in their March solicitations.  The oversized, 288-page hardcover collects the first ten issues, and it "contains all the extras that BRUBAKER and PHILLIPS fans have come to expect from their deluxe hardbacks, including behind-the-scenes art and stories, sketches and layouts, back page illustrations, and several of Jess Nevins' historical essays, as well."

At his blog, Sean Phillips provided a very nice preview of the design for the front cover and the spine, which we include below.

Fatale: The Deluxe Edition Volume One is scheduled to reach stores March 5th, with a retail price of $39.99.

UPDATE, 11:30 pm.  In the back pages, Brubaker mentions the plans for a big announcement for himself and Sean Phillips, at the Image Expo, tomorrow, January 9th.  We'll be sure to cover it here.

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