Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Art of Sean Phillips Out Tomorrow, Catwoman Volume 3 Out in March, and More!

Art of Sean Phillips, In Stores Tomorrow. 

On Twitter, Phillips confirms that his hardcover art book is in stores tomorrow.  Originally scheduled for October, the 312-page book is also available with a tip-in sheet signed by Phillips and by the book's writer Eddie Robson; limited to 500 copies, the autographed edition retails for $70. 

Dynamite's listing for the $40 standard edition includes a preview, and yesterday Comic Book Resources posted some additional preview pages, including Ed Brubaker's introduction, where he praises Phillips' work for his decision "to make the struggle his art" and for "the empathy he creates in his characters."

Brubaker's Catwoman Volume 3, Solicited for March.

In September, we passed along a report that the third large volume of Ed Brubaker's work on Catwoman would be released early next year.  DC's February solicitations confirm that Catwoman Volume 3: Under Pressure will complete Brubaker's run on the title, collecting issues #25-37 of the series Brubaker began in 2002.

Just as The Art of Sean Phillips includes an intro by Ed Brubaker, this collection of Brubaker comics includes an issue by Phillips -- "Only Takes a Night," Catwoman #32, which we included in our list of Brubaker-Phillips collaborations posted two years ago. As best as I can tell, this is the first time this issue is being reprinted.

Catwoman Volume 3: Under Pressure is scheduled for a March 26th release.

Fatale: Reviews and Previews.

With a lot of attention focused on the debut of Brubaker's Velvet, it's good to see that the latest issue of Fatale hasn't been ignored by reviewers online.  CBR gives Fatale #18 four stars out of five, writing that the story "shifts from good to great" with this issue's climax. 

IGN gives the issue a 9.8 out of ten, and there are similarly positive reviews from ComicVine, Talking ComicsThe MacGuffin, and  Geeked Out Nation.    For more, the agreggator Comic Book Roundup has a revew page dedicated to the issue.

And on his blog, Sean Phillips has just posted cover art for Fatale #23, artwork that's so eerie and such an interesting break from the limited palettes we've seen up to now, that it's definitely worth reposting here.

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