Sunday, July 14, 2013

Bullets: Fatale Ghost Variant, Brubaker Interview, Art of Phillips Promotions.

A few quick announcements.

  • Fatale #15 Ghost Variant.  Can't believe I missed this, but Comics Beat noted that the latest issue of Fatale was released with a beautiful variant cover by Ed Brubaker's former Catwoman collaborator, Darwyn Cooke.  The "Ghost Variant" was announced on the issue's release date by the small and enigmatic group of retailers; you can find a copy by contacting the participating stores or searching the online auction sites.
  • CBR Interviews Brubaker on Velvet.  At Comic Book Resources, guest contributor Casey Gilly provides a short interview with Ed Brubaker on his upcoming series Velvet.  The series will be "meta-textual," commenting on the Cold War, the espionage genre, and the way men and women are portrayed differently.
  • Art of Phillips Bookplates and Exhibit.  Finally, in consecutive blog posts, Sean Phillips made a couple announcements concerning the promotion of The Art of Sean Phillips, out in October.  British store OK Comics will sell their copies with an exclusive bookplate signed by the artist, and the Lakes International Comics Art Festival will commemorate the book with an art exhibit from October 6th to November 10th.
Opening night of the Kendal, England, exhibit includes a screening of 12 Angry Men, for which Sean Phillips contributed the artwork for the Criterion Collection.  Phillips writes, "The original painting for that cover will be in the exhibition along with over a hundred other pieces."

UPDATE: ...and, I forgot to link to an MTV Geek interview with Brubaker, a fairly lengthy article about both Fatale and Velvet.

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