Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Fatale Preview and Interview.

Fatale Book Three: West of Hell and Fatale #15 are both in stores tomorrow:  readers can catch up with the latest trade paperback and the first chapter of a brand new story arc.

Yesterday, the LA Times' Hero Complex site posted an feature on Fatale.  In an interview-by-email, Ed Brubaker and Sean Phillips discuss the tidal wave of Eisner nods that the series has received, the unique contributions made by the new colorist Bettie Breitweiser, and the Seattle grunge scene in which the latest arc is set.

The feature also includes an exclusive, six-page preview of the new issue:  check out the links in the article to find the full-size images.

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Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Catwoman Vol 2 Out Today, The Art of Phillips Out in October.

Out today from DC Comics is the second large collection of Catwoman comics by Ed Brubaker.  Catwoman Volume 2: No Easy Way Down features 400 pages of comics, including another 15 issues of his run on Catwoman (2002) and Secret Files #1.  We reported earlier that Brubaker considers the first 18 issues to be the high point of his 37-issue run on the series, so these first two volumes should on fans' must-have list.

Last week, Dynamite Entertainment provided an advance solicitation for The Art of Sean Phillips, a 312-page hardcover coffee table book co-written by Phillips and Eddie Robson.  If I'm reading the solicitation correctly, 500 copies will also include a "tip-in sheet" signed by the writers.

Phillips has previously released Blow Up, a 400-page book of "comic panels, concept sketches and life drawings;" Intersections, an art-based dialogue with Duncan Fegredo; and Half Life, documenting 20 years of drawing people from real life.

On his blog, Phillips highlights additional artwork from the new book, beyond what's included at the Dynamite website.  His previews include a look at the full cover, which entirely features cover art from his collaborations with Ed Brubaker.  Estimating from the table of contents, it appears that almost 100 pages will focus on his work with Brubaker.


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