Wednesday, October 27, 2010


The first issue of the Incognito sequel reaches stores today, and has an exclusive interview with writer Ed Brubaker, along with an eight-page preview of the issue.

In the interview, Brubaker had no further details regarding a change in writers for the Sleeper adaptation, but he did relay that the film adaptation for Incognito is "full steam ahead so far." He also explains that the comic-book sequel features the collision of the central themes of the two stories -- a good guy corrupted by working undercover with the bad guys, and a bad guy growing a conscience working with the good guys.

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Thursday, October 07, 2010

Conclusion to Word Balloon Interview, Cooke's Parker, and Liberty Comics.

Very quickly, Ed Brubaker's Word Balloon interview concludes -- here, here, and here -- in a 70-minute podcast, out this week.

Also out this week? Darwyn Cooke's second adaptation of Richard Stark's Parker; Comics Alliance has a very lengthy interview with Cooke, about The Outfit.

And, the 2010 edition of Liberty Comics was released yesterday. Liberty Annual 2010 benefits the Comic Book Legal Defense Fund, and while this issue lacks any contributions from Brubaker and Phillips (unlke the inaugural 2008 release), the book features a Who's Who of writers and artists.


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