Monday, March 25, 2013

Brubaker, on the Coward Film.

It looks like the film adaptation for the first Criminal arc continues to wind its way through production, and Bad Ass Digest has a video round table with Ed Brubaker and Scott Pilgrim's Bryan Lee O'Malley.  Brubaker talks briefly about "Coward," the Captain America sequel, and his favorite comic-book film adaptation.

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What's Next? A Fatale Preview, and More.

The latest stand-alone issue of Fatale is in stores this week, and Paste Magazine has an exclusive five-page preview of issue #13, set in the Wild West.  It's not the only thing on my pull-list, as we also see the long-awaited fifth and final issue of the first mini-series of Ken Garing's spare sci-fi comic Planetoid, for which iFanboy has a preview.

Image Comics has been putting out a lot of interesting creator-owned titles in the past couple years, for a wide range of tastes, and late last month Image Comics publisher Eric Stephenson addressed the ComicsPro trade organization about Image's 20th anniversary and "What's Next."
Some of our new books were by today's biggest stars, others were by artists and writers with the talent to become the stars of tomorrow.

Because as proud as we are to be associated with the Ed Brubakers, the Grant Morrisons, the Robert Kirkmans, and the Brian K. Vaughans of the world, and as happy as we are to publish titles like Saga, Happy!, Fatale and The Walking Dead, we are always on the lookout for what's next.
It's a good, healthy attitude to have on both sides of the industry, and I hope our readers can find a couple titles to support, especially creator-owned works that fit the reader's particular interests even if that's outside of some synergistic marketing strategy.

Our readers might be interested to know that one upcoming Image title is from some names that are quite familiar to fans of Ed Brubaker and especially Gotham Central:  Greg Rucka and Michael Lark's Lazarus.  In a move that isn't a million miles from the trailers we've seen from Brubaker and Phillips, the two have produced a four-page short story that won't appear in the first issue.

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