Wednesday, March 07, 2012

Fatale #3, In Stores Today.

Since Image Comics' May solicitations [Comic Book Resources] points to issue #5 as the "crushing end" of the series' first arc, "Death Chases Me," we can look to Fatale #3 as the arc's midpoint.

This third issue is in stores today, and from his Twitter page, Ed Brubaker points to a some advance press.

There's an early, very positive review from Comics Bulletin, a review I'd actually recommend avoiding until after you read the issue, at least if you don't want to know too much about the plot.

The review link includes a few preview pages, and the book's five-page preview was officially released at Multiversity Comics.

With the first two issues both in multiple printings, and with Brubaker and Phillips putting their moody noir spin on supernatural horror in a tale story that isn't giving up its secrets easily, it should go without saying that you should pick up a copy (or two!) while you can.

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