Sunday, February 26, 2012

Back to the Presses, In More Ways than One.

Just found out from my local comics shop, Great Escape in Marietta, Georgia, that a couple new printings of Fatale are on their way to the shop. A January 31st press release from Image Comics confirms that a second printing of issue #2 and a third printing of issue #1 had been ordered even before the initial release of issue #2.

Both new printings were scheduled to reach stores last week. Check with your local retailer to confirm their schedule.

Looking even further ahead, Sean Phillips has published cover art for the trade collection...

...or rather, the first trade collection. The first trade, which has yet to be formally announced or solicited, is Fatale Book One: Death Chases Me. This first "book" was referenced in the first page of the debut issue, and this confirms that the series of approximately sixteen issues is being broken into several "books."

I was wondering how the title was going to be collected. Trade collections of recent work tends not to cost significantly less than the monthly issues, and sixteen issues of Fatale works out to $56, probably far too much for impulse purchases.

There is something to be said for a complete story in a single trade collection, like with the 12-issue collections for Watchmen and Batman: The Long Halloween. I wonder if the prominence of a work like Batman: Hush suffered because it took about five years to see an inexpensive single-volume paperback collection, and there are other self-contained stories that are still inexplicably split among several volumes.

But fifty bucks would be just about the right price for a "deluxe" hardcover edition of Fatale...

...and there may already be a different deluxe edition on its way. Just a few days ago, Sean Phillips posted, without comment, an image for Incognito: The Classified Edition.

The filename for the cover image is incognitodeluxecover.jpg.

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