Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Innocent #2, In Stores Tomorrow.

I'm in the middle of wrapping up a huge grad-school project, but I'm taking the time to post that the second issue of Criminal: The Last of the Innocent is out tomorrow.

Hectic schedule be damned, I'll be sure to grab a copy (or two!) and catch the latest chapter in this dark look at nostalgia before calling it a night. If anything, I'm anticipating this next issue even more than the first.



Blogger Tome Wilson said...

I thought it was pushed back until the 10th?

8:55 AM  
Blogger Bubba said...

I thought it might had been delayed into August, too, but it's definitely out today, with a copy waiting by my bedside.

It's almost a certainty that issue #3 won't be out next week as originally solicited, but maybe that one might be out on the tenth?

Regardless, the individual issues have rarely slipped the schedule by more than a few weeks -- an astounding feat for this creator-owned labor of love, practically an indie comic -- and I'm guessing we'll see the fourth and final issue sometime in September...

...especially since Sean already did the thumbnails for issue #4 a full two weeks ago:


8:50 PM  

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