Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Incognito: Bad Influences #5 In Stores Now.

At my local comic shop, I confirmed the arrival of the fifth and final issue of Incognito: Bad Influences. The postscript includes a small reproduction of the cover art to Criminal: The Last of the Innocent, and Ed Brubaker points the reader online for the two-page preview, which I hope will find its way to print before June.

A few news sites have posted the preview and bits of the press release posted at Alongside the conclusion to the Incognito sequel, the press release is worth reading in its own right -- and it raises an subject or two that might be worth further discussion in the next few days.

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Blogger televiper said...

I gotta say that I was once again underwhelmed by Incognito. The series felt especially rushed this time, with an underwhelming pay-off. I really wanted more from the Lazarus character.

That said, I am pumped for more Criminal

10:46 AM  
Blogger Bubba said...

I gotta come right out and say it, but I agree with you: Incognito has consistently been better than most tripe on stands today, but it doesn't touch Criminal.

Heck, I think Sleeper grabs me more, in part because so many issues told complete narrative chunks, and especially because of masterstrokes like the habit of telling origin stories and the perfect match between character and superpower for both Carver and Miss Misery.

Even with what little we already know about The Last of the Innocent, I'm stoked, too.

10:16 PM  

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