Saturday, June 18, 2011

The Last of the Last of the Innocent, Out in September.

Solicitations always run a few months ahead, and so we have Marvel's September solicitations, including the finale to Criminal: The Last of the Innocent.
It's the big finale of CRIMINAL's most ground-breaking storyline yet! Riley Richards has committed crime after crime to get what he wants... Now what will he have to do to keep all the things he's killed for? It's a twisted look at crime, comics, nostalgia, and obsession... all in the award-winning CRIMINAL style. And remember, every issue of CRIMINAL has articles and illustrations that are only available in the single printed single issues, making it the best bargain on the shelves!
Ed Brubaker has a point in complaining about solicitations that reveal too much, but here we have a good-but-vague idea of what's coming, all without being given a four-word description like we see for September issues of Chew and Walking Dead.

Issue #4 of the four-part story is scheduled to be released on September 7th.

In the meantime, Brubaker fans should check out his Twitter feed, where he's been providing #noirlessons.

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