Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Update on Upcoming Incognito & Criminal.

There are a few things I've noticed over the last week or so.

Glancing at the world of crime comics in general, I see that the first two entries of Vertigo Crime are reaching stores today. (I already have my copy of each book.) Recently, DC's November solicitations have revealed that the next entry in the series -- The Chill, by Hard Case Crime regular Jason Starr -- is due to be released on January 6th.

Our own Ed Brubaker finishes his run on Daredevil with the landmark issue #500 this week, and Marvel's November solicitations give us hints about future issues in his high-profile mini-series, Captain America: Reborn and The Marvels Project.

Most importantly for fans of Brubaker and Phillips, we have a little more information about their upcoming collaborations.

First, Sean Phillips reports that he has finished work on the last issue of Incognito. On his Twitter page, Ed Brubaker confirms the additional pages that Phillips told us about a couple weeks ago, writing that the finale is "practically double-sized."

On the heels of the mini-series, Marvel's November solicitations confirm that the trade paperback is scheduled to go on sale on November 25th, Thanksgiving Eve. After that? Again on Twitter, Brubaker writes, "yes, INCOGNITO will return next year, after CRIMINAL: THE SINNERS. But only if you all buy CRIMINAL, too."

Second, while we're on the subject of Criminal, Sean Phillips relays that work has begun on the first issue of "The Sinners." We're given a very slight preview of the first page, the first two lines of dark but funny dialogue that is, appropriately enough for Tracy Lawless, told in the third person.

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