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Upcoming Schedule, Fall 2009.

Over at his blog, Sean Phillips has been posting artwork for the upcoming conclusion to Incognito, and he's also been posting "old stuff" such as art from his book Blow Up, because he can't really show preview work for the last, presumably crucial pages of the final issue.

It still might be a few weeks before this last issue reaches stores, as Marvel.com currently lists the release date of Incognito #6 as September 2nd, a late enough date that it might push back the release of "The Sinners," the upcoming Criminal arc.

(UPDATE, Aug 5: Sean explains in the comments below that the book has been pushed back a couple weeks because it's become presumably an extra long issue: Incognito #6 "contains 32 pages of story rather than the usual 23, and of course, those extra pages take time to draw...")

So, for fans of Phillips' excellent collaborations with Ed Brubaker, August will be a very quiet month in terms of new releases, but it's only the calm before the storm, as we'll see new releases for Criminal, Incognito, and even Sleeper in the months that follow.

Though all dates are, of course, subject to change, here's the upcoming schedule for the next few months, including a few other releases that I've mentioned previously.Dark Horse's Noir anthology was originally scheduled for September 30th and has only recently been pushed back a couple weeks. I wouldn't be surprised if the first two issues of "The Sinners" is also delayed in light of the late release for the final issue of Incognito.

Criminal: The Deluxe Edition was advance-solicited, and I haven't been able to find a specific release date. Very soon after the hardcover was announced, Ed Brubaker relayed that it would be released in November.

[We've seen the cover art for the Incognito trade collection, but the trade hasn't been solicited, and I guess it will be released no earlier than November. UPDATE, Aug 19: Marvel's November solicitations now confirm a November 25th release date.]

And, we haven't seen any additional solicitations for "The Sinners," but another issue or two of Criminal might make it to stores before the end of the year.


In the span of about three months, we'll see [UPDATED] the first two Vertigo Crime books and the second Liberty Comics; we'll have the final new trade collection for Sleeper and the second hardcover for Gotham Central; and we'll have the Incognito finale and its trade collection.

Last but not least, we'll have a Criminal short story in Dark Horse Noir, the return of the main series with at least two issues of "The Sinners," and the hardcover Criminal: The Deluxe Edition.

It's going to be a busy fall, leading right into the Christmas shopping season.

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Blogger Sean Phillips said...

The reason that Incognito #6 has been pushed back a couple of weeks is that it contains 32 pages of story rather than the usual 23, and of course, those extra pages take time to draw...

4:44 AM  
Blogger Bubba said...

That's very cool, Sean, and thanks for commenting here to let us know. I'm updating the blog entry now.

Sounds like Incognito ended up bigger than y'all planned, not only in sales but in length -- we've gone from five issues to six, and now the sixth issue has extra pages. That's very cool, and if this means that we'll see the next story in the "Apocalyptic Pulp Noir" sooner rather than later, that's fine with me -- even though Criminal remains my favorite comic book, period.

I hope you realize, I wasn't griping at all about the schedule for the last issue. I definitely understand that things can pop up that prevent individual issues from being released precisely according to the original solicitation -- I do hope you're eye's feeling better from the popped blood vessel -- and I would MUCH rather wait a couple weeks or even a couple months rather than have y'all rush the work, even if my waiting for your books is more keenly felt than it is for any other comic.

Even with the occasional brief delay, the release schedule for Criminal and Incognito has been great compared to the standard practices in this industry, to say nothing of titles whose tardiness has become a punchline. I've been a quite satisfied customer.

It's just that I noticed that this schedule change makes August the "calm before the storm," where the following three months have a TON of y'all's material coming out, and I wanted to post a blog entry, in part to help myself keep up with it all. :-)

9:57 PM  

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