Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Bullets: Incognito in Stores This Week, Criminal Art, Crime Comics.

What may be appropriate for this site, a drive-by blogging.
  • Release of Incognito #5. Marvel's website hasn't had complete and up-to-date information about Incognito for some time, and I've been altogether unable to find its listing for issue #5, but the Savage Critic reports that issue #5 should be in stores tomorrow, July 15th.

    Also in stores this week is Cooke's Hunter, covered below.

  • Criminal artwork. While Incognito continues to rumble toward its inevitably brutal conclusion, Sean Phillips continues to highlight artwork for the Criminal releases that are soon to follow. Alongside preview art of Incognito -- and of his cat Florence -- Phillips' blog has been showcasing the inks and completed cover art for the second chapter of "The Sinners," and interior designs and behind-the-scenes extras in the deluxe hardcover volume that we first reported in June.

    Just today, Phillips reports that he has finished the art design for the hardcover, and he posted a large image of the completed cover art, a striking cover about which I have more to say, in another post.

  • Captain America: Reborn. The first issue of Ed Brubaker's Reborn mini-series is now in stores, and in case anyone missed it, Newsarama reports that Marvel.com is featuring an online "prelude" to the mini-series, and the news site also features an interview with Brubaker, following the release of the first issue.

  • Other Crime Comics. Finally, as we mentioned above, the Savage Critic relays that this week also sees the release of The Hunter. The book is Darwyn Cooke's first adaptation of Richard Stark's character Parker, and we pointed out a preview of the hardcover last May.

    And, from Twitter, Ed Brubaker highly recommended Chew, an eccentric crime comic which debuted last month, and whose second issue came out two weeks ago. It appears that both the first issue and the second issue have sold incredibly well, so it might already be hard to find. I recommend the dark comedy very highly: there are previews online for the first two issues here and here at Comic Book Resources, and Newsarama reports that the first issue will be reprinted in the back of Walking Dead #63, which ALSO appears to be reaching stores this week.
Between Incognito, Hunter, and the Chew reprint in Walking Dead, it's a good week for crime comics. Chew's appearance in Walking Dead reminds me of another comic which was helped early on by Robert Kirkman's zombie comic... a comic whose return I couldn't anticipate more highly.

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