Saturday, March 01, 2008

A Look Ahead: "Bad Night."

We're not done here with this trilogy of stories set in the Seventies: I may link to interesting reviews of "Second Chance in Hell" as I find them, and we have two more issues ahead of us. But the moving finger writes, and having writ, moves on! Sean's blog should be a regular stop for Criminal fans, as he often shows works in progress. As he has done in the past, he's given us a glance at his work on the cover art from concept to the final version, here, in the last three entries for February. The cover is apparently for Issue #4, the first in a four-issue arc called "Bad Night." In the podcast I mentioned earlier, Ed Brubaker mentioned three stories he's working on to follow the flashback trilogy: Leo's next story, about how he gets out of prison; Tracy's next story; and a story focusing on Jake, who was introduced in "Lawless". It looks like the next arc is about Jake.

Jake was the guy who helped Tracy create his false identity of "Sam West." He walks with crutches, he clearly has a history with Sebastian Hyde's thug, Chester, and it was revealed in a most understated fashion that Jake is "Jacob K.", the author of the strip "Frank Kafka, Private Eye." I'm very much looking forward to learn more about him.

The cover art, above, is simply stunning. And I believe the movie theater marquee is advertizing "The Sleeper" as a nod to Sleeper, Sean and Ed's excellent spy thriller set in the WildStorm universe.

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