Saturday, December 12, 2015

30 Days of The Fade Out: The Invisible Man.

In issue #2 of The Fade Out, we're introduced to a disguise of bandages that are part of Shadow of the Valley, the film that the main characters are producing.  The character under the bandages is primarily played by the heartthrob Earl Rath, but we quickly learn that an actor named Morty plays the role for most of the scenes in bandages -- and we learn that Charlie daydreams about disappearing under the disguise, being "made-up like the Invisible Man."

As a them in the noir comic, invisibility may be worth discussing some other time, but before that, we're taking another look at The Invisible Man.  Produced in 1933 and starring Claude Rains, the adaptation of H.G. Welles' novel was famous for its groundbreaking visual effects.  Along with Dracula, Frankenstein, The Wolf Man, and The Mummy, the film established Universal Pictures as the granddaddy of horror films and monster movies.

Turner Classic Movies has a few clips of the movie, and the clip below -- in case the embedding doesn't work, it's titled "He's homicidal!" -- shows the first reveal of the man under the bandages, present but not at all visible.

The effects remain remarkable.  It's no wonder that the movie would still be memorable at the time of The Fade Out, 15 years later.

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