Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Bullets: The Noir Series, The Collected Hellblazer, and The Fade Out.

• Brubaker's Play, to be Rebroadcast. This weekend's production of The Noir Series was quite enjoyable, with Ed Brubaker's "Air Conditioned Rooms" being a real highlight.  The four-play anthology provided a good mix of suspense, black comedy and even vaudevillian humor, and if the streaming simulcast was a little rough around the edges, the hiccups added to the effect of watching a new take on Playhouse 90 and the other dramatic anthologies from television's early years.

The Heretick Theatre Lab relays that the The Noir Series will be rebroadcast, and we'll try to pass along the details once they're made available.

• Phillips' Hellblazer, Being Reprinted.  In the meantime, we would be remiss not to follow up on the latest from Sean Phillips:  new collections of early work on Vertigo's Hellblazer.  Phillips was the primary artist for 37 issues initially with writer Eddie Campbell around the end of 1994 and primarily with writer Paul Jenkins.

We first reported the news in March, but after twenty years, the first 13 issues of his run was collected and published just last month in trade paperback, as Hellblazer Volume 9: Critical Mass.

The next 11 issues are due on February 11th, in Hellblazer Volume 10: In the Line of Fire.

On Halloween, appropriately enough, Sean Phillips posted some in-progress work of the new cover art he's creating for this upcoming volume.  What began with digital sketches, he finished as an 18-inch painting; he writes that is "the first Hellblazer cover I've painted since 1998."

• The Fade Out #3, Out Today with a Preview Online. Finally, the latest issue of The Fade Out is in stores today, preceded by a six-page preview posted Monday at Comic Book Resources and Comicosity.   An early review by Flickering Myth confirms what the preview suggests, that we're getting a closer look at the story's larger cast of twisted and broken characters.

It's a good time to be fans of both creators: alongside Brubaker's new work in a different medium and Sean Phillips' new collections of his early work for DC's Vertigo line, we're continuing to get regular doses of the unique alchemy of Brubaker and Phillips together.

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