Wednesday, July 23, 2014

30 Days of Fatale: An Updated Montage.

With the release of a five-page preview of the Fatale finale, we noticed yesterday that the cover art for issue #24 had been recolored, from a moody green to a more violent orange.  We've decided to take the time to update the cover montage we posted last week.

The 5.5-MB JPEG file for the updated image is now available on Google Drive, and readers are welcome to download the file.  We named the file version 2, and we were tempted to label it the "final" version, but there's a chance Sean Phillips might change the cover art for the final trade paperback collection.

Not once does a cover feel like a wasted opportunity, as every cover fits with the issue, and any one of them could almost be a movie poster.  In its simplicity, the artwork is clearly a drawing rather than a watercolor painting or a Photoshop job, but the drawing is never cartoony, and each cover is all the more striking for its limited color palette.

It's hard to pick a single favorite, though I do strongly favor the covers for #11, #18, #19, and #23.

On Twitter, fans have mentioned that they would love to see a print of this montage.  That's really Ed and Sean's call, and in the meantime this image is my laptop's wallpaper even if it's doesn't occupy any physical space.

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