Thursday, June 10, 2010

Gotham Central Volume 3, In Stores Now.

I had forgotten that it was scheduled for a June 9th release, but the third hardcover collection of Gotham Central was released just yesterday.

I confirmed that the solicitation was mistaken -- and the listing at is still inaccurate -- in suggesting that the story "Dead Robin" is being collected in this volume. That arc, from issues #33-36, will presumably be found in the final hardcover that I would expect to see next year.

This book continues the complete reproduction of the award-winning series, as it collects issues #23-31. Greg Rucka now has top billing, as I believe Ed Brubaker contributes only one two-part story, "On the Freak Beat," which fittingly features Catwoman.

The series was one of my favorite ongoing series from the "Big Two" superhero universes, and so I continue to recommend the hardcover collections.



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