Tuesday, October 19, 2021

Out This Week, New Reckless and a New Undertow Podcast!

I know, it's been forever. I even have an unfinished draft from when Friend of the Devil was due to be released, announcing that my life in the real world has just been keeping me entirely too busy to blog -- but further noting this isn't the worst possible time to post intermittently, with Brubaker & Phillips having made the move from releasing monthly issues to publishing original graphic novels.

For the time being, A Criminal Blog is unofficially going into a partial and indefinite hibernation:

  • Partial, because I'll still post as time permits and circumstances require it.
  • Indefinite, because I'm not sure when I'll resume a more regular schedule with blogging.
But this week, we do have news!

The third original graphic novel in the Reckless series, Destroy All Monsters, is due to hit stores this week, and just in time for its release, Robert and I recorded a brand new episode of the Undertow Podcast, focusing on the previous volume, Friend of the Devil.

In the podcast we mention other upcoming books...

  • The first print collection of Ed Brubaker's Friday, collecting the first three digital-only issues and due on November 3rd. 
  • The second ongoing comic book for artist Jacob Phillips, Newburn, featuring a private detective in New York City (to compliment the rural sheriff of That Texas Blood) and also due to debut on November 3rd.
...and the latter has something I haven't seen for an Image Comics release, a video trailer:

We're always looking forward to more from Brubaker and Phillips -- and now the 2nd Phillips as well -- and we're glad to still be here to comment when we can.

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