Wednesday, November 16, 2016

New UNDERTOW Podcast, New Issue of KILL OR BE KILLED, and a New David Aja Variant Cover! (And More!)

It's a big week for fans of Brubaker and Phillips, and it began with the release of the Episode 6 of the Undertow Podcast, now available on iTunes and at Podbean.  In the episode, Robert and I discuss Kill Or Be Killed #3, we take a brief look at The Fade Out hardcover and HBO's Westworld, and we have a couple recommendations for our listeners.

Our discussion of issue #3 leads naturally enough to issue #4, and just yesterday, Ed Brubaker sent out a brief email newsletter with a five-page preview of the issue.  Kill Or Be Killed #4 is the finale for the ongoing series' first story arc, and Brubaker writes that the issue "answers some questions while asking some other ones," and he's "really pleased with how it's all come out."

In case you missed it, the newsletter can be found online along with a complete archive, and a link to sign up.  We strongly recommend subscribing for official news for the writer -- and his ramblings, and answers to reader questions -- and it looks to become his main outlet online.

The preview is also available at Image Comics' website: on their homepage, the publisher highlights the issue with the ominous tag that "Secrets don't always stay buried."

Kill Or Be Killed #4 is stores today.

Along with the new issue, new printings of the first three issues also arrive today.  Late last month, Image Comics announced that "rapid-fire printings" for the entire series have been rushed to meet "overwhelming customer demand."

The most noteworthy new printing has to be the fourth printing of issue #1, which features a new, wraparound cover by Ed Brubaker's Immortal Iron Fist collaborator, David Aja.  We're including an image of the cover below, and we'd like to bring your attention to an infernal character who appears on a cover for the first time.

And if a new Kill Or Be Killed isn't enough for the week, we have a couple other items worth mentioning, if not quite enough for a "bullets" entry.

GQ posted an interview with Ed Brubaker late in October: posted under "Books," the article focuses on The Fade Out, "his new story about the dark secrets of Old Hollywood," and Joshua Rivera writes that it might be "his most fascinating work."

The interview also touches on HBO's Westworld, for which Brubaker is a writer and supervising producer.  Monday, EW announced that the series has been renewed for a second, 10-episode season, which probably won't air until 2018, and that leads us back to an item we mentioned on the podcast but never got around to including here.

If you don't subscribe to HBO, you can still watch the 80-minute Westworld premiere online -- "The Original" which is available legally and for free, in a video embedded at Collider.  We are loath to admit that the episode still on our to-watch list.

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