Wednesday, June 24, 2015

The Fade Out #7 Out Today -- and September Solicitations!

We're posting a quick note, primarily to relay that the latest issue of The Fade Out is in stores today, and Comic Book Resources has a five-page preview, where our central protagonist Charlie is falling for "the replacement blonde."

Last week, Image Comics released its September solicitations.  The second act of The Fade Out concluding with issue #8, September 16th is the scheduled release date for the second trade paperback and issue #8 -- "Act Three begins as the mystery heats up!"

The final cover may well change, but we recognize the solicited cover for Act Two's collection; the arc comprises issues #5-8, and the image re-purposes this months issue, with a striking blue logo.

Finally, on Twitter, Michael Kronenberg reminds us to pick up the Noir City e-magazine; individual back issues are now on sale, and the Spring 2015 issue features a cover story on Criminal and The Fade Out, with an interview with Brubaker and Phillips.

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