Friday, October 17, 2014

Bullets: The Fade Out's Second 2nd Printing, An Appearance, An Interview, and More.

We'll begin this crisp autumn weekend with a quick rundown of the latest news in the seedy world of Brubaker and Phillips.

Second printing for The Fade Out #2.  At the beginning of last week's New York Comic Con, Image Comics announced that The Fade Out #2 is one of three comic books to become an immediate sellout at the distributor level, resulting in the books being "fast-tracked to second printings in order to meet customer demand."
“I'm stunned,” said Brubaker upon hearing of THE FADE OUT’s sellout. “Our numbers went up and we still sold out. It's amazing to see such a fantastic response to such a labor of love from me and Sean and Bettie."
I haven't seen the cover art for the second printing, which I assume will be distinct from the first printing; we'll post the image as soon as we find it.

The second printing of The Fade Out #2 will reach stores on November 5th, the same day that issue #3 is scheduled to be released.

Postcards of Good Omens with Sean Phillips at Lakes.  As we announced in August, this weekend finds Sean Phillips attending the Lakes International Comics Art Festival in Kendal, England. His artwork is featured in a small exhibition at the Baba Ganoush Cafe, and the official program is now online.

This week, Phillips relayed on Twitter that he won't be bringing any books to sign -- his books should be available at vendors on-site -- but he is bringing the postcard featured above.

Phillips has been commissioned to draw some artwork for BBC Radio 4's adaptation of Good Omens, a humorous 1990 novel by Terry Pratchett and Neil Gaiman.  The first released artwork is being printed on postcards that will be given away at the festival.

• Ed Brubaker Interviewed on The Treatment Podcast.  On Wednesday, Santa Monica's KCRW posted a thirty-minute interview with Ed Brubaker on their podcast, The Treatment.

Listeners will discover how The Sopranos led to Sleeper, that Brubaker has an older brother -- now an attorney -- whose well-written papers he sometimes resubmitted in school, and how quickly the sometimes foul-mouthed writer forgets that his interview will have to be bleeped for broadcast.

• Ed Brubaker Month at Sound on Sight.  Finally, the film-savvy pop-culture site Sound On Sight has declared October "Ed Brubaker Month," and there are already two essays quite worth reading:  a spotlight review of The Fade Out #2 and an examination of the unparalleled team of Brubaker and Phillips,

Dan Black's assessment of their body of work is worth quoting.
Each a master of their own craft, together they form one of the most distinct storytelling voices in all of comics. When I go to my local comics shop and flip through my pull list, the inevitable Phillips/Brubaker book just feels different in my hands. It’s like it came from another time, now out of print but still pristine and new. Maybe that’s because most of their books carry the weight of the past, histories on top of histories ploughing into the present.
He's right, their collaborative efforts are often better even than books that involve only one or the other.

Their work continues to reach new readers, and beyond assuring fans that we should get more books -- hopefully for years and years to come -- it's great to see that art this stellar is finding an audience.

There may be hope for the popular culture after all.

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