Wednesday, September 24, 2014

The Final Fatale Collection, The Fade Out Reprint, and a Movie for Peg Entwhistle.

On sale today is the fifth and final trade paperback collection for Ed Brubaker and Sean Phillips horror-noir epic, Fatale.  This edition of "Curse the Demon" is probably the last release for the series until we see the second deluxe hardcover collection; early last week, Brubaker confirmed that the hardcover is not yet "on the schedule."

Also in stores today is the second printing of The Fade Out #1, the latest series from Brubaker and Phillips.  Brubaker just got his copies of issue #2, which he relays is in stores next week.

The most interesting news concerns a Hollywood actress who died nearly 80 years ago.  The bonus essay in The Fade Out #1 was "The Lonesome Death of Peg Entwistle," by Devin Faraci, about an obscure actress who committed suicide in 1932:  she leaped off the "H" in the famous Hollywoodland sign, a month prior to her only appearance in film, in a movie called Thirteen Women.

Last Wednesday, the LA Times ran a story about a hundred people gathering in the neighborhood of Beachwood Village, on the anniversary of her suicide.  Just two days later, Deadline exclusively reported on plans to bring her story to the big screen, with Tony Kaye, the director of American History X, writing and planning on directing the film.

If the film does get made, they could get Sean Phillips to create the poster, basing it on the haunting artwork he created for the essay.

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