Sunday, July 20, 2014

30 Days of Fatale: The Metastasizing Monster.

Fatale #17
released September 25, 2013
following a five-page preview

With Fatale #17, we see the return of the story's monstrous antagonist, the Bishop.  His real name appears to be Sommerset, and I believe this is the first use of that name, which is mentioned again in issue #22; Hans, the name used in the 70's, may have just been an alias.

The Bishop's position as a Nazi officer was lost at the end of the war -- and after Booker rescued Jo from the first failed ritual -- but the Bishop's earthly power then grew as he became more physically disfigured from his encounters with Josephine.

He ran an obscure cult in the 1950's; running the Method Church in the 70's, he attracted a following in Hollywood and apparently had a run-in with Charles Manson; by the time we see him again in the mid-90's, he's flying a corporate jet with an interest in quite a few businesses, especially in entertainment.  At the same time, he had become "blind, partly crippled, and covered in burns."

Hunting Josephine across the decades, even sensing her presence when she wasn't in hiding, the Bishop had grown both more powerful and more grotesque, even as his quarry had herself become more knowledgeable of his occult secrets.

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