Tuesday, January 03, 2012

Fatale #1: In Stores Tomorrow, Seven-Page Preview Available Now.

The gripping debut of Brubaker and Phillips' Fatale is out tomorrow, and yesterday Comic Book Resources released an exclusive seven-page preview of the eerie first issue.

On Twitter, Brubaker teases, "they don't even get to the good parts of the issue. We saved it for you."

Indeed they have. While retaining the classic tropes like the reckless reporter and the crooked cop, the issue plunges ever deeper into a sinister world that we've only begun to glimpse.

Apart from the Image Comics logo, the book is consistent with the Icon works of Criminal and Incognito: no apparent outside editorial influence with credits just for three people -- Dave Stewart providing colors, as he did halfway into "Last of the Innocent" -- an extra-long story uninterrupted by ads, Brubaker's personal communication to the readers, and another guest essay.

(There's also a great ad pulling together the collections of Brubaker and Phillips' collaborative work, which we'll reprint later.)

In the issue, Brubaker reveals these essays "aren't reprinted in our trades or in the digital versions of the comics, they're a bonus for you, the people who make our books possible by supporting the single issues as they come out. A thanks for not waiting on the trade."

As with Incognito, Jess Nevins provides the essay, this time looking at (as Brubaker put it) "the dark dark world of H.P. Lovecraft, godfather of pretty much all modern horror in one way or another."

Lovecraft's influence is all over this first issue, and accompanying the essay is a suitably creepy piece of art that Sean Phillips featured at his blog and which we reprint above.

In late November, Phillips responded to popular demand and began offering poster reproductions of the work at his Cafe Press store.

(Direct link here as the website's been flaky.)

Best as I can tell, it's the first poster of any of his "essay art," and it's the first poster reproduction since the cover art for Criminal: The Sinners.

All around, if the first issue is any indication, we're in for a dark ride.

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