Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Brubaker on INCOGNITO.

Newsarama has just posted an interview with Ed Brubaker about the upcoming comic book he and Sean Phillips are doing, Incognito.

In brief, it's a five-issue story that Ed admits is something of an inversion of Sleeper. Instead of a superhero pretending to be evil, it's a villain pretending to be good while in Witness Protection. Like Criminal, it not only features a wraparound cover and bonus material in the single issues, it's being promoted with a "teaser" that appears to be included in the Newsarama article, and which Ed is asking fans to pass along.

Criminal will be put on hold while Incognito is being released. Ed suggests that he and Sean might interrupt the Criminal story once "every few years" to try new stories and new approaches. The hope is that Incognito might draw new readers to Criminal, but the occasional productive break might be good for Criminal either way.

Ed confirms that Criminal will return quickly after this short break. The new arc, which will begin with issue #8, features the much-anticipated return of Tracy Lawless.

UPDATE: The Comics Reporter has the press release for Incognito, including larger images of the cover art and two-page teaser. The highest-quality images of the teaser are available at Sean's blog, here.

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